There are two versions of Wi-Fi available. Follow the instructions below based on which connection you need.

Connect to UAEX Secure Wi-Fi

UAEX Secure Wi-Fi is available to anyone with a account. This Wi-Fi will provide a secure connection to the network and its resources.

  1. Select “UAEX Secure Wi-Fi” on your device. 
  2. Input your username and password
  3. Accept security certificate (if prompted) 

Note: Older laptops and phones may have trouble connecting to Secure. Contact AGRI Tech for help. 

Connect to UAEX Guest Wi-Fi

UAEX Guest Wi-Fi Policy

UAEX Guest Wi-Fi is available for anyone without a account.

  1. Select “UAEX Guest Wi-Fi” on your device.
  2. A web browser will open automatically with the UAEX Guest Wi-Fi agreement.
    1. Read the agreement
    2. Enter your email address and click accept