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Announcement: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Non-expiring passwords are coming to the AES Network!

The University of Arkansas System - Division of Agriculture | Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station is moving to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to reduce the chance of your UADA account being compromised by phishing scams, automated bots, and targeted attacks.

Multi-Factor authentication (also known as two factor authentication or two step verification) is a security enhancement that allows you to register at least two secondary authentication methods, or factors, to verify yourself when logging into an account.

Once MFA is set up, non-expiring passwords will also be available. Workday, the new ERP system (BASIS replacement) the UA System will be implementing in 2020, will require MFA.

Below are statistics on how MFA helps prevent accounts from being compromised.


Below are the options that AES users can use for authentication:

  • Microsoft Authenticator app
  • SMS Text message code
  • Secondary email address