VPN - Pulse Secure

For faculty and staff who are away from campus, virtual private network (VPN) is essential for accessing AES Campus remote desktops, servers or other resources. VPN creates a secure network tunnel that allows UADA users to access Division resources securely, while prohibiting unauthorized incoming traffic. 

Install and Setup Pulse Secure - AES Campus Only

  1. Download Pulse Secure
    1. Windows - Pulse Secure
    2. Mac - Pulse Secure
  2. Click the downloaded installer to run. 
    1. Complete the install with all default settings.
  3. Open Pulse Secure once the install has finished.
  4. Click the "+" button to add a new connection
    1. Name: vpn-aes.uada.edu
    2. Server URL: vpn-aes.uada.edu
    3. Click "Connect" 
  5. Accept the security certificate if prompted.
  6. Sign in with your UADA email address and password. 
    1. Note: Pulse Secure uses Multi-Factor Authentication to verify your identity.